My new blog

I’ve used Wordpress for some years now for my website. I customized it a little bit, and made a custom theme for it. But nothing is perfect, and neither is Wordpress.

Some things I don’t like about it:

  • Can’t easily edit files with a regular text editor
  • Painful backup creation
  • I don’t like PHP
  • Constant security upgrades are required
  • I can’t use Git to store my website in a repository for revision control.

I was locking for something like Sphinx that is more suited for a general purpose website.

A blog is mostly static. Why should my posts be stored in a database? It’s hardly ever necessary. Comments are perhaps the exception here, but services like Disqus implement commenting with embedded JavaScript.

So I looked to static site generators. I chose Hyde for it’s nice template system and because it is written in Python.